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Info & Map Michelle's Patisserie624-0507 Aboutique Mall
Info & Map Mister Ming672-9684 Centre City Mall
Info & Map Mungal's Indian Cuisine750-8947 Town Centre Mall
Info & Map Naipaul's Xtra Foods662-8151 City of Grand Bazaar
Info & Map Nanan Ltd.628-0438 Port of Spain
Info & Map Natural Sweetness- Uptown Mall
Info & Map Nature's Own628-6902 Long Circular Mall
Info & Map Neptune's Delights Limite624-0109 Port of Spain
Info & Map Niki Roma- Valpark Shopping Plaza
Info & Map O'Briens Beer Garden662-1631 City of Grand Bazaar
Info & Map Oasis One Brands Limited663-7873 Caroni
Info & Map Omega Foods & General Sup294-8062 PORT OF SPAIN
Info & Map Pascal's Bakery637-9477 Starlite Shopping Plaza
Info & Map Patino's Courtyard Cafe639-9481 Buccoo
Info & Map Payless Supermarket623-6070 Port of Spain
Info & Map Pelican Reef660-8000 * A.N.R. Robinson International Airport
Info & Map Peppercorns633-8120 The Falls at Westmall
Info & Map Peppercorns672-0189 Price Plaza
Info & Map Peppercorns645-7826 City of Grand Bazaar
Info & Map Peppercorns628-5573 Ellerslie Plaza
Info & Map Pepperhouse624-2946 Plaza Espermaria
Info & Map Pernod Ricard Trinidad Lt640-4448 Tacarigua
Info & Map Petite Gourmet- Starlite Shopping Plaza
Info & Map Petrea Place Restaurant (658-5322 Pointe A Pierre
Info & Map Pizza Boys662-2180 * City of Grand Bazaar
Info & Map Pizza Boys800-BOYS Highland Plaza
Info & Map Pizza Boys800-BOYS * Piarco International Airport
Info & Map Pizza Boys & Vie de Franc636-2697 * Atlantic Plaza
Info & Map Pizza Boys/Donut Boys657-2697 San Fernando
Info & Map Pizza Hut672-1488 Price Plaza
Info & Map Plantation House628-5551 Port of Spain
Info & Map Poleska Cocktail Bar, Tri622-2112/3 * Ellerslie Plaza
Info & Map Pop Up- Trincity Mall
Info & Map Porky's679-7050 Atlantic Plaza
Info & Map Prestige Holdings (KFC)623-2646 Port of Spain
Info & Map Quench Town- Voyager Mall
Info & Map Rafters Restaurant & Loun628-9258 Newtown
Info & Map Razam - Authentic South I645-0994 City of Grand Bazaar
Info & Map Renneatrinnilicious787-1574 Trincity Mall
Info & Map Rincon Venezolano622-8735 Shoppes of Maraval
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