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Info & Map Mould It628-3566 Woodbrook
Info & Map Multifoods Corporation Lt632-0443 Diego Martin
Info & Map Mustapha's Engineering Wo671-2089 * Chaguanas
Info & Map Naisa Brand Products Ltd.665-3078/9 Cunupia
Info & Map National Agro Chemicals L674-5715/6 * San Juan
Info & Map National Canners Ltd.642-3091 * Arima
Info & Map National Flour Mills Ltd.625-2416/7 * Port of Spain
Info & Map National Fruit Processors662-5470 Trincity
Info & Map National Gas Company of T636-4662/80 Point Lisas
Info & Map National Quarries Company646-3682 Arouca
Info & Map National Shoe Manufacturi642-0375 Arouca
Info & Map Needlemate Thread Works L665-4384 Chaguanas
Info & Map Nestle Trinidad and Tobag663-6832/8 Valsayn
Info & Map Nice-Tees Casual Wear667-4892 Arima
Info & Map Norman Industries Ltd.675-0848 San Juan
Info & Map Northern Ice Ltd.660-4082 Charlotteville
Info & Map Nutrimix Feeds Ltd.658-5825/9 La Romain
Info & Map Offshore Garment Contract638-4164 * San Juan
Info & Map Olympic Manufacturing Ltd657-2626 San Fernando
Info & Map Omni Products Ltd.669-1530 Caroni
Info & Map Original Foods Ltd.637-7951/1 * Diego Martin
Info & Map Oscar Francois Ltd.623-1145 Port of Spain
Info & Map Package House Limited638-9056 San Juan
Info & Map Packaging Manufacturers L638-3151 San Juan
Info & Map Pan 2000 and Beyond637 - 6217 Petit Valley
Info & Map Panland Trinidad & Tobago627-0185 Laventille
Info & Map Paper & Plastic Converter638-2019 Mt. Hope
Info & Map Paragon Garment Factory L675-3124 San Juan
Info & Map Paria Sea Foods Ltd.657-7008 San Fernando
Info & Map Patrick Young Sing & Comp662-5856 * Caroni
Info & Map PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Ltd636-2205 Couva
Info & Map Peake Industries Limited622-7325 Cocorite
Info & Map Peake Marine634-4420 * Chaguaramas
Info & Map Penta Paints Caribbean Lt643-2425 Arima
Info & Map Pereira and Company Ltd.625-3486/7 Port of Spain
Info & Map Petroleum Company of Trin658-4210 * Pointe-a-Pierre
Info & Map Pharmtech Caribbean Ltd.657-1887 San Fernando
Info & Map Phoenix Farms Ltd.646-4084 D'Abadie
Info & Map Phoenix Park Gas Processo636-1522 Point Lisas
Info & Map Piochem Sales and Service636-2922 Point Lisas
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